What is this movement’s purpose?

The Birds Aren't Real movement exists to spread awareness that the U.S. Government genocided over 12 Billion birds from 1959-2001, and replaced these birds with surveillance drone replicas, which still watch us every day. Once a preventative cause, our initial goal was to stop the forced extinction of real birds. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful, and the government has since replaced every living bird with robotic replicas. Now our movement's prerogative is to make everyone aware of this fact.

What do you mean ‘Birds Aren’t Real’?

The term “Birds Aren’t Real” refers to biological “Birds” no longer existing on United States soil. After the government forcibly made the entire species extinct in the 20th century, all of these real birds were replaced with surveillance drones designed to look just like Birds. To simplify- Birds no longer exist in the U.S. as a biological lifeform, thus, Birds Aren’t Real!

What are eggs?

The “eggs” we see in the 21st century are specifically designed by the government to appear indistinguishable from what eggs once were, when birds were real. When the government replaced the species with robotic replicas, it was key that these replicas sustained the same activities that their biological predecessors did, including producing edible eggs.

What is bird poop?

Bird poop was originally thought to be oil discharge from earlier bird drone models. After further research though, this was disproven. Bird poop irregularly falls on vehicles in large amounts. Recent studies show that 87% of Bird Poop in populated areas falls on people’s cars. Why is this? Confidential documents leaked in 2018 revealing that “Bird Poop” is actually a form of liquidated tracking apparatus. If you walk outside and notice some bird poop just “happened” to fall on your car, be aware that you are now being tracked by the United States Government. It is recommended you clean your car exterior regularly to avoid this.

How do you explain bird meat?

All “Meat” found in “Birds” today is 100% synthetic. If birds suddenly became inedible, the government’s entire scheme would have been compromised. In order for their transition from “Real Bird to Drone Replica” to make sense, they had to imitate all parts of real birds in their robot copies. This includes tasty, edible meat- just synthetic. Synthetic meat is actually very accessible in modern times, with many fast food operations openly using it in their meals. The government simply had access to these modern technologies decades before the public.

What about birds that people hunt and/or roadkill? How do you explain bird guts?

This entire question is based off of a flawed understanding of what a “Robot” is. With major technological advances only recently being made in the 20th century, many still think that a “Robot” can only be a metallic machine with gears and wires. Bird Drones are not this. The government has access to futuristic technologies making it possible to create a “robot” using parts indistinguishable from a biological organism. After all, if the robot replicas didn’t look and feel exactly like real birds (inside and out)- the entire plot would be exposed.

Where did all the dead birds go? Wouldn’t people have seen them?

Within the BAR Movement, it is common knowledge that the government killed 12 billion birds before 2001 by releasing a virus that only affected the Bird species. After the bioweapon was sprayed down from B52 bombers, the virus spread throughout all birds like wildfire, and made them all sick. The virus was designed to slowly disintegrate the birds, a form of advanced leprosy. This is why there weren’t 12 billion birds littering the ground of the nation as their robot counterparts were released into the public- they were disintegrated into dust- blown away with the wind. For every bird disintegrated by the virus, a robotic replica was put in its place.

Are all birds robots? What about ones not prime for surveillance?

When the government forcibly made the entire bird species extinct, they used a bioweapon (a controlled virus) to wipe out the entire species of “Bird” in the United States. This virus could not be contained to only birds who would be optimal for surveillance uses, it applied the entire species. This means that every bird was affected, including chickens & other types of birds not typically in ideal environments for surveillance.

I have a pet bird, what do I do?

Not to startle you, but you have a highly advanced governmental surveillance drone in your house, watching your every movement, picking up every word of your conversations, and sending that data into to the pentagon. “Pet Birds” were actually unheard of before 2001, when all Birds became surveillance drones. At this time, the government started a propaganda campaign normalizing “Pet Birds” (if you think about it, a Pet Bird in a cage doesn’t even make sense- the animals are supposed to have endless sky to explore, not to be held within a cage in a house). You would be best advised to not bring up any matters you’d prefer to remain confidential around your “Pet Bird”.

Do different birds mean different things? Are they all surveillance drones?

While most birds are designed specifically for public surveillance purposes, this does not mean that is all the government is doing with them. Bird Drones can have multiple applications based on type, for example, “Vultures” are not surveillance drones, they are used for public sanitation (roadkill specifically). Another example is Hummingbirds, which are used as Assassination Drones, spearing targets with their long needle beaks.

Is this movement serious?

Yes. The Birds Aren’t Real movement has been active since 1976. Once a preventative cause, our initial goal was to stop the genocide of real birds. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful, and the government has since replaced every living bird with robotic replicas. Now our movement's prerogative is to make everyone aware of this fact.

Is this only in the U.S.? Did other governments do this too?

Unfortunately, the Bird Drone problem exists in other countries as well, and they are more open about it, in fact. The Chinese government has openly admitted to surveillance drones disguised as birds, you can look that up. Russia and other countries have openly admitted to testing this as well. The only difference with the U.S., is that the government isn’t as open or honest about it.

I’ve encountered a bird in my life. What do I do? Should I be concerned?

First, breathe- remain calm. It is vital to not panic, and remember that this experience is not abnormal- these birds have likely been watching you for most of your life. Once you have regained your composure, look the bird straight in the eyes and declare the following statement confidently “I know your secret. I know that you are a surveillance drone in disguise. I know that behind those beady eyes are cameras, soaking up data and sending it to the pentagon. I am onto you. I know you are not real.” - By vocally establishing dominance over the drone in this moment, your fear should subside, allowing you to remember that you are the human, and that is merely a robot.

How important is the apostrophe in “Birds Aren’t Real” - can it be spelled “Birds Arent Real”?

Interesting question. The term "Birds Arent Real" is usable, but the apostrophe is important- as it signifies more than just grammatical accuracy for our movement. It's legitimization. To us, the term "Birds Arent Real" without the apostrophe may lead people to think that we don't know what we're talking about. The term "Birds Arent Real" may immediately cause someone to not take us seriously. The term "Birds Arent Real" may lose our movement potential Bird Truthers. The spelling "Birds Arent Real" may delegitimize our movement as well, for without the apostrophe, it may look as if Bird Truthers are uneducated. For us, "Birds Arent Real", without the apostrophe, is very inadvisable. Always choose "Birds Aren't Real" over "Birds Arent Real"

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