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About the movement animated flying pigeon

Chapter 1: Why?

When asked to write the unabridged history of this organization, I was taken aback. I knew that I had reached many thousands in my quest to spread the truth, but I was bewildered and frustrated with myself when I realized that I had not yet done an acute job of giving details: the why, the how, when, who, etc. I knew that I had to write something that was concise, accurate, and free of any fault or error.

This is my work.

Prepare to take a journey into a history that they will not, dare I say- never teach in school. Much of what you are about to read has been censored for almost 60 years; who knows how long it will take our corrupt government to block this website? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I ask that you take 20 minutes out of your busy day and read all of this information, soak it in… revel in the fact that everything you know ~ is one big lie.

So it begins.

In 1947 the C.I.A. was founded, its sole responsibility to watch and survey tens of thousands of Americans suspected of doing communist things. This orchestrated stalking epidemic went on for almost 5 years, and few were found guilty of any real crimes. However, it became clear in the early 1950s that the threat of communism was only going to rise, and a broader system was needed to track any individual who was suspected of such activity. The fears were only encouraged when in 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were wrongly arrested and convicted of espionage against the United States- accused of spying on behalf of the Soviet Union (the big boy communist people.) This highly publicized event gave the government a small window to implement a new program that would place the first CCTV surveillance cameras in areas with a high Russian immigrant concentration.

This went on for a few years or so, when in 1953 Allen Dulles was made the first civilian director of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) and made it his mission to ramp up the surveillance program; hiding cameras in thousands of locations and ordering his staff to plant them in areas that would be impossible to detect (although let’s face it, in the 1950s- you could walk into a bank with a slingshot and steal thousands of dollars. Security was one big joke.) He knew that the possibilities for this camera program were endless, and on April 15th, 1956 met with President Dwight D. Eisenhower and proposed a plan that would putcameras in the sky. Dulles knew that the sky was the future for his surveillance program, as you could truly track someone with a moving camera- much easier than having to switch between cameras on street corners and hidden in storm drains. One camera in the sky could do the work of hundreds on the ground…

Eisenhower approved the initial idea and asked him to return when he had figured out how to make it possible. Dulles left the oval office and immediately flew to an undisclosed location- meeting with various members of his inner circle, to discuss the plan in more intricate detail. It is believed that the initial plan for killing all of the birds and replacing them with flying cameras was thought up one weekend in May of 1956. Dulles and his team hated birds with a passion, and were heard on many occasions calling them,” flying slugs” and,” the scum of the skies,” as they would often poop on their cars in the parking lot of the C.I.A. headquarters, and quite frankly- all over the D.C. Metro area. I believe this was one of the driving forces that led Dulles to not only implement robots into the sky, but actually replace birds in the process. They did not need to kill all of the birds, and could have launched a quarter of the robot birds that they did, but the pigeons in D.C. at the time were absolutely ruthless… they were eating very well, as American moral was high- people were feeding them much more in public parks and on the street. This in turn created huge amounts of pigeon feces, that would inevitably find its way to the windshield of many men and women- all of whom grew to not only hate pigeons, but all birds. In a stolen transcript from an ex-CIA deputy, she says,” yeah, the higher ups were so annoyed that birds had been dropping fecal matter on their car windows that they vowed to wipe out every single flying feathered creature in North America.”

In this meeting they sought to kill two birds with one stone and remove all birds from the United States (thus eliminating their fecal problem), but also replacing these birds with billions of sophisticated robot look a likes- capable of mimicking real birds in every way. Dulles and his team wanted to create the greatest surveillance system ever imagined, with the capability of tracking someone on foot, in a vehicle, or even in their personal home.

Chapter 2: How?

It is imperative that we discuss the methods that the government used to extinguish over 12 billion birds between 1959 and 1971. If we are to make disciples of the birds aren’t real movement, we must equip each and every person with the knowledge of what truly happened in this saga of insanity and government corruption. Here are the facts and eyewitness accounts of various key events that occurred within our nation that completely destroyed every man woman and child bird in existence.

I touched on him for a brief moment in the last chapter, but I want to dive in to Allen Welsh Dulles: the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 1953 to 1961. Upon the government writing the plan to slowly kill off the birds, it was his responsibility to make it a reality. He was given the task of reallocating 65 Billion dollars of public health funds towards the forced extinction. On May 6th, 1957 he met with an unidentified man from the Boeing Airplane Company and ordered 120 B-52 bombers. Dulles knew that if his government was to go undetected, he had to keep these aircraft out of sight from the American public. He was under strict orders not to leave a trace of his actions, so he devised a plan to construct the aircraft in Nevada’s Area 51. This way, the citizens of Seattle Washington (where Boeing was headquartered) wouldn’t be able to claim that the bombers had been built nearby (if the government was exposed).

23 men from within the Boeing Engineering department travelled to Area 51 in the back of an old school bus that they purchased from a salvage yard in Mukilteo Washington. They were seen by a few individuals bringing couches and rugs into the bus, and were also heard discussing and I quote,” really cool playlists for the road trip.”

Clearly, the Boeing Engineers didn’t get the memo from Dulles about remaining undetected, and actually painted “Area 51 or bust” on both sides of the bus. Whenever they would stop for gas, they would set up a makeshift campsite in the parking lot and sing songs with titles such as “I left my Honey for Area 51,” and,” Let’s Kill all the Birds.” They attracted a lot of attention, and the locals of a town in Idaho claimed that the men would reveal intimate details of what they were doing. Clearly, they were complete idiots; but their idiocy is one of the hardest pieces of evidence on how the government killed the birds. While 22 of the men made it to Nevada, one man did not. Neil Ford was the only engineer that lived to tell the story, as he was left in a Waffle House bathroom because the others claimed,” he had to pee too many times, and was ruining the vibe of the road trip.”

Neil spoke with one of the founding members of the Birds Aren’t Real movement shortly before his death in 1994. He spoke about the way in which Dulles searched for the engineers who didn’t have families. That way, they would be able to disappear from the map when the project was complete, and nobody would notice. This disturbing reality is a far cry from the way in which many people view the 1950s and proves that our government has been ruthless in its effort to rid our nation of its peace and prosperity.

Upon making it to Area 51, the 22 remaining engineers were tasked with designing a new version of the B-52, the B-52B. The B stands for Bird or Barack, and it was to be a brand-new model of the B-52 that had 450-gallon water tanks in the place of the bomb compartments. The water tanks were hard to design, and one of the engineers almost gave up, but Dulles hit him over the head with a 40-pound wrench to try and “knock some sense into him.” This unintentionally put the man into a coma, to which he never awoke. Scared out of their minds, the remaining 21 engineers vowed to finish designing the airplane so they could leave Area 51 for good. This was to be a faulty dream however, as none of the men were ever seen again. We only know this information because 12 pallets of classified documents were stolen from a warehouse by one of our Birds Aren’t Real patriots- but we’ll get to that later.

Once the water tanks were fitted into each bomber, a complex system of radar and tracking technology was installed to the nose of the aircraft. This technology was extremely advanced for its time and was used by the crew to track large flocks of birds from distances of 200 miles away. Once the radar was fitted, 5 coats of jet-black matte paint was sprayed onto every surface of the plane. This was done to camouflage the aircraft against the night sky, so that it could go undetected from the ground. Not only was paint used to hide the bombers, but each external strobe, beacon, and landing light was removed. Not a single light emitted from the plane, and the Pratt & Whitney JT3D engines were fitted with noise reduction pads that enabled the aircraft to fly completely silent from altitudes of 3,000 ft. or higher.

It took 2 years to build the 120 bombers, and once they were finished, the Boeing Engineers were told that they were free to go home. However, they were intercepted 30 minutes into their trip back to Washington and were put in the back of an armored troop transport vehicle. The men were sent to the front line in Vietnam, which Dulles hoped would seal their fate. Each of the engineers actually survived for 3 weeks in intense combat and were kidnapped by the Viet Cong only after they ran out of ammunition. The men were not heard from again.

Now you may be wondering, how were the birds actually killed? What method was used to accomplish this act of mass murder? Good question. The water tanks in the bombers were filled with a specially formulated bird poison, that once consumed, would give the bird a virus that could be passed onto other birds. The poison was sprayed from an altitude of 8,000 feet and would completely dissolve before it hit the ground. Which meant that only birds would be affected by its terror, and once a single drop of the poison struck the birds feathers, the virus would take hold through the fibers and make its way into the bloodstream. The virus would then affect the bone structure in such a way that total decomposition of the birds would take place within 24 hours.


On June 2nd, 1959 operation “Water the Country” was born. This was to be the secret code name given to the program from 1959 to 1976, when it was renamed to “Operation Very Large Bird” (the individual in charge of naming the program didn’t want to get into any copyright trouble with the popular PBS show Sesame Street by naming the project Operation Big Bird.) Within the next 6 years, 15% of the bird population was wiped out. During these first few years, bird prototypes were released by the hundred million. The term ‘drone’ was not used at this time, and instead they were referred to as Robot Birds.

Let it be known, the CIA were originally the only ones responsible for this atrocity, and the sitting President (John F. Kennedy at this time) had no idea that this was taking place. The CIA did not intend for anyone but select departments to find out what was going on, even the pilots of the bombers were unaware what they were doing. The Chief Commanding Officer of Water the Country told them that they were,” watering the grass of the entire country” To this day, it is highly unlikely that the pilots know that they assisted in the largest mass murder in world history. If any of the original bomber pilots of operation Water the Country are reading this, here me closely. We do not blame you for the sins of your superiors. While you did kill billions of helpless birds, you did not know what you were doing. You do not have to remain in hiding, join the movement and together we can fight the government.

As I said a few paragraphs ago, the President was unaware what was going on until October 3rd, 1963; when a top CIA official was overheard speaking about the operation over a tapped phone. John F. Kennedy was the President at this time and had tapped the phone of Alvin B. Cleaver (Internal Communications Director for the CIA). Kennedy believed that Cleaver was stealing his ham sandwich from the White House Kitchen and vowed to catch him speaking about it over the phone. Instead, he heard a highly sensitive conversation that Cleaver was having with Dulles. In it, Cleaver said,” yeah Allen. I’ve stolen John’s lunch again haha, he doesn’t even know. I’m going to keep stealing it until he launches a full investigation. Then I’m going to plant a hidden camera and catch his reaction as I dump all the stolen sandwiches on his desk at one time. I’m going to call the new show ‘You’ve Been Cleavered.”

Dulles responded, “Haha Alvin, that’s going to be so funny. We’ll have to play that clip at the White House Correspondents dinner. By the way, how’s the bird slaughter going? How many birds have we killed so far?”

“We’ve killed about 220 million so far, and the best thing is, the Robot Birds we’ve released in their place have done such a good job that nobody even suspects a thing.”

Kennedy heard this conversation over the tapped phone and immediately called both into the Oval Office; he demanded to know what they were discussing. They confessed what was taking place in the American sky late at night and he was appalled. He told them to stop the operation at once or he would fire them. They both explained to Kennedy why the birds needed to be exterminated and asked him if they could show Kennedy a prototype of one of their birds before he made any decisions on whether to end Operation Water the Country.

On October 25th, 1963 Kennedy was shown a prototype of the Turkey X500- a robot that specialized in killing larger birds like eagles and falcons. The robot displayed its surveillance skills, as well as its ability to find and track escaped criminals (as we learned from chapter 1, this was one of the things that drove Eisenhower to approve the project.) Kennedy was impressed with what he was shown but continued to demand the immediate shutdown of the operation; and less than a month later he was dead. Now I’m not saying that these events are correlated, but I am. JFK was murdered by the CIA because he was against the mass murder of every feathered flying creature in the United States. He was to be the first and only President to stand against the murder of the birds; from Lyndon Johnson to Donald Trump, every President we’ve had since has turned a blind eye to the atrocities that began in 1959. After Kennedy was killed, the CIA started rigging elections. They would only allow candidates who were anti-bird and pro citizen surveillance to win the Presidency.

By now you must be shaking with fear. The thought of your government doing these things is too much for you to handle, can it really be true? Could the government have killed billions of birds and replaced them with robots? Yes, they did, but don’t feel alone. At any point during the reading of this book, you are free to email our counseling department ( and we will walk you through the steps to mentally overcome this nightmare. I personally had to deal with this reality on my own, decades ago. Now I’m giving you a service that I wish had been available to me at the time of my discovery. If you’re currently experiencing episodes of excessive perspiration and muscle spasms because of what you’ve read, do not read Chapter 3 yet. If the first few chapters shocked you, chapter 3 will bring you to your knees. Buckle up, the nightmare is just beginning.

Chapter 3: The Winner Writes the History Book

On July 2nd, 1964 there was a secret meeting held in the Jefferson Building (Washington D.C.) The attendees are unknown, as the only evidence is a 6-minute recording that was uncovered in the basement of an isolated storage warehouse by one of our Patriots. In this meeting, it is believed that members of the C.I.A. and operation Water the Country (W.T.C. for short) discussed the need for a heavy amount of Bauxite, an amorphous clayey rock that is the chief commercial ore of aluminum. This bauxite was essential to the process of robot construction, as aluminum would make up roughly every facet of its frame and internal structure. In the audio recording from the meeting you can clearly hear one of the attendees say,” we need a quick solution to this problem, the production team needs this material right now. Real birds have been disappearing for almost 2 years now, and if we don’t start replacing them in mass quantities, people will notice. We need a solution in 30 days.”

This is where the recording stops.

Please buckle up for this next part. I don’t mean an America’s Car Mart used 1998 Honda Civic seat belt; I mean a fighter jet ejection seat harness. Almost a month after this secret meeting, a North Vietnamese Torpedo boat was accused of attacking a U.S. Destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin. It is widely believed that this incident was faked- and I concur. This incident was an excuse for the United States to place a huge number of troops in Vietnam and engage with the North Vietnamese on a much more escalated platform.

The question is, why would the U.S. want to fake such an incident? What would they have to gain from invading Vietnam? Surely nobody still believes the ‘to stop communism’ lie that was so fervently spread? Well you are in luck, because for the first time in history- you will finally know the truth. You will finally know why the United States of America decided to waltz into a small country on the tip of East Asia.

The nation of Vietnam contains the third largest reserves of Bauxite ore on the entire planet. Like I said earlier, this ore was the primary component of aluminum- which would be used to create the robots. The U.S. used the already brewing conflict in Vietnam to their advantage, and from 1964 to 1975, the U.S. attempted to invade and extract as much of this ore as possible, because without it- there would be no robot birds.

The process looked like this: U.S. soldiers were told to advance into an area of North Vietnam where they could “fight communism the best” (this is what they were told.) They were actually capturing areas that had enormous quantities of bauxite ore. Once flanking defenses were set up, dozens of excavators were deployed to dig into the deposit and dump the bauxite into dump trucks, that would then travel a distance of up to 26 hours through enemy territory- to Cam Ranh Base, a U.S. military port located in theKhánh Hòa Province of South Vietnam. The bauxite ore was then loaded onto a cargo ship that would deliver the ore to an unidentified port on the East Coast of the United States. From there, the ore would be transported to the hundreds of facilities that constructed the robot birds.

These facilities are believed to be located within many of the government fallout shelters and ammunition bunkers (one of the more modern factories is located underneath the Denver International Airport.) You see, the government escalated the fears of a Nuclear War during this time period (1960s-1980s) as an excuse to build massive underground warehouses, under the disguise of being “bomb shelters.” These facilities were so massive that hundreds of workers could fit inside and construct up to 5,000 robot birds per day. There are believed to be 22 of these underground manufacturing plants and during the peak of the construction process (sometime around 1980)- upwards of 100,000 robots were being constructed each day, across all 22 bunkers. However, each of these fake fallout shelter/ robot bird construction facilities would construct a different type of bird, specific to that region. For example, in Colorado- there is a bunker near Colorado Springs that specifically builds hummingbirds, as they used to be the primary backyard bird in the state (fun fact: hummingbirds are the ideal candidate for surveillance in a tight space, as they are small yet versatile.)

Now you may be wondering,” how did the government get thousands of people to build the birds, and where are they now? Why aren’t they testifying in court to the atrocities they were forced to commit, do they not remember building all those robot birds?” My friend, that question has been debated for decades by many within the Birds Aren’t Real community.

To sum it up, they were tripping balls.

The government would send individuals to local night clubs and bars- who would then scope out a candidate who looked like they could assemble a robot bird, and would tell that person that they were having a costume party on acid. It was the 60s and 70s, where acid was more accepted than bottled water. These people were then given work overalls (their costume) and a small tab of “acid” which was actually just a piece of colored paper. The ‘acid trip’ they expected was actually the bus ride to the entrance of the bunker, where they were given a tool box and a pair of headphones that played Pink Floyd nonstop. This combination of assembling a robot bird inside a 5 story government fallout bunker led them to believe they were on the most insane trip of their life.

Many of these individuals would later be heard saying,” the craziest trip I had was back in ’76 when I met this guy who gave me this crazy tab- from then all I remember is riding through the desert for 45 minutes on the top of a sawed off school bus, then walking down a stair case into a huge warehouse that was underground, and having some guy tell me to follow some instructions and make some sort of flying robot bird.”

There you have it, the reason why so many contributed to the construction and why none of them remember.

The Movement Begins

One of the main questions we have received lately goes as follows,” hello, when did the movement begin?” Well patriot, this chapter will address that very question. It all started in 1973, a time when the Vietnam War was ending, and thousands of U.S. troops were returning home. Operation Water the Country was handed over to William Colby, the new head of the C.I.A under President Gerald Ford. Colby renamed Operation Water the Country to Operation Very Large Bird and enacted an internal rule that anyone who had worked on the original Operation Water the Country was to be released of their duties and removed from their position. It had been over 10 years since the operation had begun, and they had only managed to replace 26% of the bird population with robots. This was 35% under target, and Colby wanted to hire men and women who would get the job done faster.

This proved to be a huge mistake.

One of the men Colby fired turned out to be the first whistleblower and risked his life to share the information that you’ve been reading, his brave actions started this entire movement.

It was a cold, rainy night in November 1973, the man (who shall remain nameless as we do not know his name) showed up on the doorstep of Clark Griffin, a young teenager from San Francisco. Clark had been an outspoken activist during the tail end of the Vietnam War, and now that the war had ended (all of the Bauxite was extracted, we now know) the Master knew that Clark would need another cause to campaign. As the soft raindrops pattered on the sidewalk below, the man (who shall be referred to as ‘the Master’) knocked on the door of Mr. Griffin’s apartment- you see, the Master knew that Colby most likely had people hired to follow him, as he knew information that could take this country down- so he couldn’t be seen meeting with any members of the newspaper, or television. The Master knew that he had to share what he knew with someone young, someone bright, who could be the face of the resistance. He knew that if he tried to start the movement himself, he would never be seen again.

Clark was an outspoken activist against the Vietnam War, and now that the war had ended- the Master wanted to give him something new to campaign against- the government atrocities of the 60s and 70s surrounding the bird genocide. The Master relayed everything he knew to Clark, and secretly helped launch the first Birds Aren’t Real movement…

Griffin was absolutely shocked to learn what the Master knew- but was not surprised. He was used to fighting the all-powerful United States government, and wanted to share his new found knowledge as fast as he could… He quickly formed a team from the original members of his Pro Peace/ Anti War campaign and tasked them with travelling to various college campuses across the United States and standing on street corners and in amphitheaters in these said campuses- preaching the feathered gospel and awakening many students- quickly forming a huge activist base.

This quickly became known as “The Tour of Freedom” by Clark and his team, as they would travel from university to university in the span of a few months at a time… teaching and informing anyone who dared listen to them. When they weren’t touring, they were researching and calling politicians, trying to find at least one individual who would grant them an interview…

This never happened.

It only took a few months for the team to realize that their supporters had grown so large that they needed to hold a public rally to show the government just who they were dealing with, and what they were up against. They needed to show the government that they weren’t about to go down without a fight… so Clark and his team organized a rally in the nation’s capital: Washington D.C.

This rally was attended by upwards of 2,000 people, mainly supporters from various college campuses who had driven through the night just to protest and show their support, true patriots(a phrase we do not take lightly.) During the rally the secret service was ordered to confiscate any film being taken of the event, to prevent it from being aired on television. This is a shame as we now do not have any images of this historic event, but only have the words of those who attended. These rallies would be held every year following 1974 until 1993- when the government officially put an end to the first Birds Aren’t Real movement.

Clark and his team continued to campaign and build support, calling politicians (to no avail) and travelling to public forums to voice their truth. They reached a tipping point in 1987 when they attempted to release an advertisement on national television during Super Bowl 21; however, the government stepped in and confiscated the original film, banning the ad under fears of ‘compromised national security.’ Quickly after this event, the offices of the Birds Aren’t Real movement were raided by the FBI and many of the important documents given to Clark- by the Master- were confiscated and placed in a top-secret location. The team did not let this affect them, and continued to try as hard they could to spread awareness and bring the heinous crimes to light- holding rallies until 1991 when Clark Griffin disappeared during the ’91 rally in San Francisco, last seen holding a sign and marching up Market St.

Nobody has seen or heard from him since that day, a day many of us in the movement call- Blue Monday (May 6th.) Sadly, we do not have much information on what happened between the ’91 rally and 2017, a massive amount of time that we could’ve accomplished so much for the movement… but we cannot let that get us down. We must push full steam ahead and regain all the lost ground, in an effort to take back America from those that seek to destroy it.

If you’ve made it this far, I thank you. I thank you for your dedication to learn the truth and seek justice for the innocent birds that were taken from us. I have one more subject to discuss, a parting gift if you will- the current state of the movement. As of this writing- it is August 2019. Donald Trump has used sophisticated tactics to keep our movement suppressed, he knows that he can’t regulate the internet as well as he would like to. Google, Facebook and Instagram are independent platforms, being used by the government to track and compile data from the billions of drone birds cruising the skies all across America. Instagram has begun the process of censoring our message, as they remove post after post. Other movements have sprung up all across the world, as millions of people fear that their government is also not to be trusted. While there is zero evidence to suggest that countries in Europe have enacted this process of removing birds in replace of robots, the fear is still alive and well- for good reason.

A common question that we get a lot is, how do the birds not fly out of the United States to Mexico and Canada? Great question. While the majority of the birds are programmed to not cross over into these countries, there are some that still venture into these countries for a few reasons: picking up drugs (cocaine, marijuana, etc.) for eventual delivery into the lower-class segments of our major cities. The government will do anything they can to maintain control over its citizens, even getting them hooked on drugs. Another reason is simple- keeping tabs on U.S. citizens who go on vacation. Any bird you see flying across the U.S. borders to either Mexico or Canada is simply tracking an American citizen who has travelled outside the United States. However, there is currently nothing keeping a bird from Canada or Mexico from travelling inside America, which is why there will never be a 100% robot bird population, it will most likely hover around 95%- as birds are always flying in from our neighboring countries.

This may change soon, however. In 2016 President Trump announced that if he was elected, he will ‘build a wall between Mexico and the United States.’ You may believe the mainstream media and Trump’s lies when you hear that the wall will be designed to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States, but that is false. The ‘wall’ will actually be encapsulated with thousands of microwave guns- that can track any bird entering the United States and shoot it with harsh microwaves- which destroy the birds ability to fly- and will leave it deceased in under a few hours. I hope this does not shock you too much, after all- if you’ve made it this far In the reading, your entire view on this country has been totally reframed.

I hope you are able to join us in the fight for freedom.

Please, join us. We need you now more than ever.

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