Bourgeoisie Shirt (Dark)
Bourgeoisie Shirt (Dark)

Bourgeoisie Shirt (Dark)

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Our movement is a direct public challenge to the government, so for some, it is risky to publicly affiliate with the words "Birds Aren't Real" - we understand, these are trying times.

We also offer an alternative- the undercover war cry that is "The birds work for bourgeoisie" 

Bourgeoisie, a word few people know, is often used when referring to the conventional middle class.

This phrase relates to the fact that the government is a democratic representation of middle-class America, and therefore the Bird Drones are technically under that representation. 

For those who feel unsafe because of our tyrannical government, this is a suitable undercover alternative.

Free sticker included with every purchase. Free shipping to all U.S. orders. 

All proceeds go to further research