The most important email leak in history.


These emails were delivered to us from our sources within the White House & Pentagon. Our movement is in constant communication with whistleblowers and leakers. They clearly prefer to remain anonymous.


All that we know is these emails were sent and found on “Yahoo!” servers- where high-ranking politicians and elites have been using burner accounts to communicate. Hollywood Elites & A-Listers are also involved with this, as we assumed, such as Kevin Sorbo and Clay Aiken. 


While these emails do expose inside details about Bird Drone Surveillance, we will caution you that there is information in these we did not expect to uncover. Please focus on what matters here- the emails about Bird Drone Surveillance. 


Some key revelations from our readings-

  1. Many politicians & elites are involved with the Bird Drone Surveillance crisis. Some notable names are Ted Cruz, and Bill Gates. 
  2. The government has hollowed out countless mountains in the U.S., using the empty innards of them as factories to build bird drones. To complete this massive renovation project, they recruited the help of Ty Pennington (of Extreme Home Makeover fame). 
  3. Many in the highest ranks of our society are admitted Ornithiphiles. They not only love birds, they are obsessed with the avian species. 


The 4th key revelation - which is the biggest one of them all - is that there ARE, CONFIRMED, living real birds still on the face of the earth. Many in our movement have assumed this. The government is holding an unknown amount of Chicken Farms, where they continue to breed real, organic chickens- the reason for this is unknown as of the time I type this email- other than that is has to do with "pleasure". This is a massive revelation for the Birds Aren’t Real movement, and the reason we have dubbed this entire leak “Poultrygate”. There are living poultries. There are still birds alive. This changes everything.